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The first dragonball z movie begins when Piccolo is ambushed by three mysterious warriors. The three of them gang up on Piccolo, and he gets a real beating. They smash him into a mountain. The next scene switches to Gohan, studying some books. His studying is interrupted by a visit from Ox King, his Uncle, laden with presents. While delivering the presents, Ox King falls victim to one of the three demons. The short, irritating creature demands the Dragon ball on Gohan's hat, and he and his two comerades proceed to beat up Chichi and kidnap Gohan. Goku, sensing that something is wrong, rushes back to his injured wife and father-in-law, and then begins his mission to find whoever did this. Meanwhile our villain, Garlic Jr, succeeds where all other villains had failed: he is granted immortality. Revealing in his newfound eternal life, Garlic Jr. decides not to kill Gohan outright but instead to train him. From there comes one of the funniest scenes in DBZ, involving a demon, Gohan, some alcoholic apples, and millions of dancing purple dinosaurs and multicoloured fuzz-balls. After the majority of the joke is over, Goku arrives to challenge Garlic Jr. and his henchmen. During the fight, Kami comes in to face Garlic Jr. himself, showing that neither he nor Piccolo had actually died. It is revealed that 300 years ago, Kami had a rival to the throne: a demon named Garlic. Kami made it, garlic didn't. So, being the well-to-do demon that he was, Garlic called up the demon hordes and was then consequently locked up for eternity. Now seeking revenge, Garlic Jr. wants the throne that his father coveted. Garlic Jr. and Kami fight, while Goku fights the demons inside the castle. He is assisted by Krillin and Piccolo; Krillen gets Gohan out to safety (or at least tries to-he gets knocked out by a big slab of concrete), while Piccolo and Goku make short work of the henchmen. At this point, one of the most dramatic transformations takes place: 3-foot Garlic Jr. becomes 12-foot Garlic Jr. The fight resumes and Garlic Jr. is much more powerful, ending with Garlic Jr. creating a portal to a "Dead Zone," and accidentally sucking himself in when Gohan gets angry and starts shooting at him.

Dr. Gochi calls the dragon and asks him to release Dr. Willow from his icy tomb in the mountains. The wish is granted and the ice is melted. Meanwhile, Piccolo is captured by Gochi's henchmen with Gohan looking on. Master Roshi is captured too along with Bulma. They tell Roshi that they are trying to find the strongest body in the world to put Willow's brain into. But Bulma blurts out that Goku is the stongest. Goku, Krillin, and Gohan come and fight Gochi's creations and they beat them all. He then fights Piccolo and Gohan and Krillin attack Gochi and Willow's brain. The energy waves unhipnotize Piccolo and they all attack Willow in his big body suit. Goku blows him into the sky and destroys him with a spirit bomb. Then everything is happy and the world is safe.

A small probe from Outer Space lands and causes a forest fire. Gohan and Krillin manage to put out the fire and save a small purple dragon, but the forest is destroyed. Saddened, they gather the dragon balls, and Gohan wishes the Forest back to its earlier state. The next morning, the probe activates and starts scouting out the earth. It reports back to a strange group of Space Pirates, led by a mysterious leader. They decide that the planet is suitable for growing Tree of Might, and plant the seed. The Tree of Might literally demolishes several square miles in its growth, and starts sucking the life out of everything. The tree is made to bear fruit for the gods (Think the Immortality peaches in the old Chinese Myths). Goku, Krillin, Tien, Chaozu, and Yamcha all rush to the base of the tree (Gohan was told by his mother to stay home), where they face off against the Pirates. Gohan sneaks away from his mother to fight, and runs into a Saiya-jin, the leader of the pirates, who looks exactly like his dad. Turlus grabs Gohan, and recognizing that he's part Saiya-jin, creates a fake moon. Oozaru Gohan comes after Goku first, and a small fight begins between them. This fight lasts until Gohan sees Higher Dragon, in which Gohan's short attention span is diverted. Enraged, Turlus blows the Dragon away, and then attacks Gohan. Goku cuts off the Gohan's tail, and sets him aside where he's safe. Having defeated the rest of the Z warriors, Turlus' henchmen surround our hero. Goku takes them all on and kills the lot with ease. Turlus resumes the fight, and they find that their power levels are nearly equal. Turlus grabs some of the fruit from the Tree, and takes a healthy bite. He then trashes Goku, leaving him for dead. Goku attempts to make a Spirit Bomb, and the other heroes band together against Turlus to stall for time. The villain defeats them all with ease, and concentrates back on Goku just in time to see him lob the ball of energy. Turlus deflects the Spirit Bomb, and is totally unaffected. The earth had been drained so much that it was impossible to gather any real energy. Goku begins draining energy from the Tree of might itself, until he builds one last Spirit Bomb. He then confronts Turlus for the last time, and hits him with the attack. Both Turlus and the tree are destroyed, and all of the energy taken by the tree is restored to the earth.

The fourth DBZ Movie starts out with a scene of Piccolo meditating by a waterfall--something that he does often. His quiet time is interrupted by Gohan and Higher Dragon. Gohan has taught his little pet dragon to dance to his whistling, and he wants to show it to Piccolo. Before the Namek can stop him, Gohan begins his little song-and dance routine. Before the sickening display becomes enough to harm us, though, Piccolo screams out in pain, and Gohan is forced to stop. In the movie, a giant planetoid looks like it's going to hit the earth, yet explodes just before it makes impact. The inhabitants of the planet, a group of space-pirates, land on the Earth in their little ship to terraform it and use it as a new home base. They are a bunch of horned, sun-sensitive oddities led by Lord Slug--a strangely familiar green alien. Slug learns of the Dragonballs by reading Bulma's mind; he immediately collects them and makes his wish: restore his youth. After becoming young again, the fight begins. Gohan and Piccolo face off against Slug's three main henchman: Dorodabo, a fat gargoyle , Angira, a Zarbon look-alike, and Medametcha, an extremely strange frog with the ability to create energy-sucking clones of himself. After a little bit of fighting, Goku steps in and kills Medametcha and Angira rather easily. Then it's Goku vs. Slug in one of the most predictable DBZ movie battles ever. Slug Trashes Goku. Goku goes "Super Saiya-jin" (Well, sort of his hair remains black) Goku trashes Slug. Slug proves to all that he's a Namek. Slug grows to super size and trashes Goku. Piccolo joins in and gets hurt. Ho-hum. Then more wierdness enters the story, as Piccolo tells Gohan to whistle--causing Slug to fall to his knees in pain. Goku flies through Slug's stomach, and then creates a small Genki-dama and defeats the Evil namek. The Earth returns to normal, birds sing, and Master Roshi wakes up from his nap and comments about the beautiful weather.

The movie begins with a scene of Freeza destroying Planet Vegeta, despite Bardock's efforts. We see Goku's pod escape, and we are introduced to Koola (Freeza's brother) who tells his henchman to leave Goku alone, since this is Furiza's territory. At this point there is a flash forward to the present. After a little comedy, Goku, Oolong, Kuririn and Gohan go camping. Koola, after hearing of Furiza's death, decides he must kill all living Saiya-jin. After some beating Koola's henchmen, Koola and Goku go at, only for Goku to escape injured. After some commotion and a bit of luck, Kuririn, Oolong, father, and son are able to convene. Gohan is delegated to get Senzu beans, and has little trouble thanks to Yajirobi's generosity. Gohan is caught by Koola's henchmen on his way back, but he is quickly saved by Piccolo until Koola himself intervenes and knocks him out. Gohan makes a getaway, and as he is giving the bag of senzu beans to Kuririn, one of Koola's henchmen blasts it to smithereens. Gohan, however, was given an extra senzu bean by Yajirobi, which he had tucked under his belt. He gives it to his father just before he receives a thorough ass wompin' from the henchman Sauza. As Goku is about to launch an attack on Sauza, Koola appears with Piccolo's unconcious body and does some further damage to it. Goku knocks Sauza away and begins to fight with Koola. They duel for a while, and Koola decides to transform. After Koola forms a ki attack powerful enough to destroy Earth, Goku realizes his failure, and after some sadness goes SSJ. He easily does away with Koola's energy technique, and proves that Koola has nothing on a Super Saiya-jin. Koola's last resort is to put a little distance between him and Goku and form an even more powerful planet destroying attack, which Goku catches, and eventually Kamehameha's right back at Koola. Koola is pushed into the sun by his own attack, and by the same Saiya-jin he refused to kill. Before a full happy ending can ensue, however, Sauza reappears. Piccolo kills him with ease.

Our story begins on New Namek, where a giant, planet-sized machine begins to devour the world. The Z warriors catch wind of the plot, and fly off to the crippled planet. By this time, all the inhabitants of Namek have been captured by advanced battle droids, and are being led off to a prison camp where they are to be executed. However, our heros arrive just in time, and save the Nameks from certain death. As the droids prepare for battle, the leader of the machine army, Metal Koola, reveals himself. He explains that after Koola was blasted into the sun, the space-faring Big Ghetti Star came across his remains and assimilated Koola's brain. The only way to sustain the tremendous sphere is to sap large amounts of energy from the cores of planets and its inhabitants. Piccolo, Krillin, and Gohan begin battle with the robots, but their armor proves to be exceedingly tough to puncture. While his friends are occupied with the droid army, Goku begins to battle Metal Koola. It isn't long until Goku gains the upper hand, and knocks off one of Metal Koola's arms. Unfortunately, Koola regenerates his limb, and informs our hero that the Big Ghetti Star instantaneously corrects weaknesses and repairs damage. Now with better tactics, Metal Koola begins to win the fight. Yet out of nowhere, Vegeta comes to the rescue, and joins Goku in his foray. Meanwhile, Krillin and Gohan have been captured by the droids, and flown to the prison camp. Only Piccolo remains, and with a huge burst of energy, he evaporates the remaining droids. With the army destroyed, Piccolo flies to the heart of the Big Ghetti Star. Vegeta and Goku attack Metal Koola at full strength, and turn his body into such a fine powder that no regeneration is possible. Thinking that they have won, they are shocked to see hundreds of Metal Koola's sliding down a nearby ridge, and running straight towards them. The next thing they know, they are hanging in the main chamber of the Big Ghetti Star by thousands of tiny electrodes. Koola begins to steal their energy, but finds that the Ki of a Super Saiya-jin is too much to handle. With overloading batteries, the Big Ghetti Star begins to self-destruct. Goku and Vegeta, in a final showdown with the massive core of the world-eater, destroy Koola's remains. The good guys barely manage an escape, and the Big Ghetti Star explodes in a fireball. Namek is left scarred, but no blood is shed this day.

The trouble starts when two odd looking androids (#15 and #14) make their way through the streets toward a hotel where Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Master Roshi, Oolong, Chichi, and Trunks are staying. They wreak havoc as they blow up buildings and cars and send people screaming in terror. Eventually they locate Goku and destroy his temporary residence. The Z warriors rescue everyone in the skyscraper before it fully collapses. Trunks reminds Goku that they will only hurt civilians if they continue to fight in the city. As a result, Goku flies, chased by the two androids, to some uninhabited ice plains. There they battle, and we see that yet another robot has been released from Dr. Gero's laboratory. This robot, #13, tells Goku that they and the others were created by Dr. Gero's computer, and though Dr. Gero is dead, his computer magnified his hatred for Goku many times over, and created #13, #14, and #15 as a result. As they fight, it is clear that the androids are gaining the upper hand . Vegeta comes to help out Goku, because he wants to save the victory over Goku to himself. There is now one Saiya-jin per android. Soon, all the Saiya-jins go SSJ. Vegeta and Trunks make short work of their foes. Gohan tries to help his father, but is shot at, and saved by Piccolo, who helps Goku take on #13. #13 absorbs the batteries and processing units of the two fallen androids after realizes they have been disposed of. With the power of the other two androids within him, android #13 is transformed into Super 13. This blue monstrosity makes short work of all the Z warriors but Goku. He continues to pummel Goku until Goku falls under water, at which point he turns his attention to Gohan. Gohan sees that Goku is gathering energy for a Spirit Bomb, and one by one, the Z warriors sacrifice themselves yet again, though they are near unconcious. Eventually, Goku turns SSJ while gathering energy, and absorbs the Spirit Bomb's energy. His aura is so powerful that Super 13's skin begins to melt away. Goku embeds his fist into Super 13's abdomen, and destroys his remains.

This movie starts out with Gokou and Chichi waiting in line for an interview at the school Chichi wants Gohan to attend, meanwhile everyone else is at a Cherry Blossom Drinking fest. Krillin is singing when a ship lands at the party Paragas steps out and invites Vegita to be the King of the new planet Vegita and fight the Legendary Super Saiya-jin. Vegita goes with him and so does Krillin, Gohan, and Oolong trying to hold back a very drunk Master Roshi, Trunks also joins to bring his father back because he doesn't trust Paragas. While in the middle of the interview King Kai uses telepathy to tell Goku that the Legendary Super Saiya-jin has destroyed the south galaxy, Goku quickly teleports out of the interview leaving Chichi. After arriving on King Kai's planet Goku finds a Saiya-jin's Ki signature in the South galaxy then teleports there and finding a destroyed planet. Vegita and the others have landed on planet Vegita and Paragas introduces his weak son Brolly, A soldier then tells them that the Legendary Super Saiya-jin has been spotted so Vegita and Brolly leave to find him. Trunks, Gohan, and Krillin go looking around and find some slaves then Goku teleports to the planet, when Vegita and Brolly get back Brolly sees Goku and gets really pissed off and starts to power up. Paragas eventually calms him down and after a bunch of bull we find out that Brolly and Goku were born on the same day and when they were newborns Goku scared Brolly and made him cry, The Saiya-jin have a legend when two Saiya-jin are born on the same day and one dominates the other the dominated one will have extreme hatred for the other. We also find out that when Brolly was a baby that King Vegita decided that Brolly would be a threat to him because his power level was 10,000 at birth so he had Brolly killed and when Paragas tried to stop it he was killed to but Brolly's power saved them from death. Also when Brolly was growing up he was a maniac even to Saiya-jin standards his power was so uncontrollable that it even scared Paragas, so he had a device made to control Brolly's anger. After seeing Goku it is late at night and everyone is sleeping that's when Brolly remembers Goku and attacks him after a little fight Goku recognizes that Brolly's Ki signature is the same one he felt earlier and the Brolly was the Super Saiya-jin. Paragas calms Brolly down and they leave for the castle, the next day Vegita is about to leave the planet but Goku is in their way and tell Vegita the Brolly is the Legendary Super Saiya-jin. Paragas then tells them about what King Vegita did and that he tricked Vegita to come so a comet that is going to hit the planet will kill him and he will have revenge. After this Brolly starts to go SSJ and Vegita tries his Big Bang Attack he doesn't even feel it Vegita is in shock and just stands there watching Goku, Trunks and Gohan fight Brolly. Into the fight it looks bad for everyone but then Piccolo shows up with senzu beans gives them to Trunks, Gohan, and Goku and calls Vegita a coward for just standing there. Eventually Vegita starts to fight but gets defeated easily, while everyone is fighting Paragas tries to escape the planet leaving his son behind Brolly sees this and kills his own father then Gokou is back and they start fighting again. Everyone gives Gokou their power so he can defeat Brolly which he does and just before the planet gets hit by the comet he teleports everyone on the planet except for Brolly into Piccolo's space ship.

The movie starts off with a space ship crashing on Earth and Brolly is inside water fills the crater and freezes with the ship inside of it. Seven years later Goten, Trunks, and Videl are collecting the Dragonballs for fun and they find all of the Dragonballs except for the four star ball on their quest they come across a small village. The villagers a having a sacrifice to appease the mountain god to get ride of a monster that is terrorizing the town they convince the villagers to let them kill the monster for a necklace on the shamans neck. They wait with some offerings and surprise the monster Trunks and Goten kill the monster, which is just a normal dinosaur so they go back to the village to party a little and crash for the night. In the morning Videl feels a powerful Ki and goes to check it out it turns out to be Brolly and he is as ruthless as usual Brolly beats up Videl and then Goten and Trunks show up Brolly sees Goten and thinks it is Gokou and goes nuts and starts beating up Trunks and Goten. Gohan feels Brolly's Ki and recognizes it and rushes to the battle, during the battle Trunks and Goten find the last Dragonball so Trunks moons Brolly while Goten tries to wish for the dragon to beat up Brolly. While Goten is busy trying to summon the dragon Brolly is trying to break Trunks back and he pisses on his head, after a little fighting Gohan shows up and is having a hard time fighting Brolly. Gohan sees lava below him and leads Brolly into the lava and passes out on a island surrounded by lava the lava is raising and Gohan is passed out someone dressed like Piccolo saves Gohan and it turns out to be Krillin. Brolly survived the lava by forming a Ki barrier around him and launches Krillin into a mountain and beats up Gohan. Gohan fires a Kame Hame Ha at Brolly and Goten joins him Goten asked the dragon who hasn't been summoned yet for help and then Goku starts floating down and participates in the Kame Hame Ha. Trunks manages to fire a energy ball at Brolly and the Kame Hame Ha is to powerful for him he is blasted through the sun and is dead. The Dragonballs disperse like a wish was granted Videl recovers and chases Gohan around and everyone forgets about Krillin.

#18 is at Satan's house to collect the prize money from the Budoukai that she let him win and Satan claims he doesn't have it. Then a guy shows up that represents a classmate of Satan's and tells him that he will tell everyone that he was a bed wetter in the 6th grade if he didn't fight these bio-tech fighters. #18 goes along with him and so does Goten and Trunks, Krillin has to take his daughter to Kame House Baron Jagaa badda has created some bio-tech fighters to fight with Satan to teach him a lesson so #18, Goten, and Trunks fight them and defeat them easily. Goten recognizes a person with Jagaa as the Shaman from movie 10 it turns out that the shaman sold Jagaa some of Brolly's blood and Jagaa created a Bio Brolly, Trunks and Goten try to shoot at the container that Brolly is in but fail in destroying it. Brolly is loose but is disfigured during the fighting chemicals used in the biotech process and starts to eat away at everything. Everyone is beat up Krillin shows up but is beaten up like usual the hero's started to save everyone and the chemicals start to eat away at Brolly. Goten discovers that the chemicals lost potency in salt water so Krillin, Goten, and Trunks create a tidal wave that covers the island and washes away the chemical. Brolly still keeps trying to kill Goten but is now hurt by their ki blasts and is eventually killed.

The Rebirth of Fusion! Goku and Vegeta! The trouble starts when a careless teenage...heaven dweller, we'll call him, BOB neglects to change the tanks of the "soul laundry machine", which cleans souls that are going to hell. When the tanks explode, the heaven BOB becomes possessed and turns into Janenba, a huge blob-like creature. Janemba changes the laws of the afterworld and creates much havoc, including bringing such characters back to life as Freeza and his minions and all of the other dead. Pikehan and Goku try to free the Demon lord (who has been imprisoned in a bubble of sorts) and distract Janemba, it becomes evident that this tubby bastard's magic is almost invincible. While Pikehan shouts insults at the Demon lord's prison, Goku strikes back against the Jell-o menace. It looks as though Goku has won, when Janenba transforms into a smaller fighter, whom Goku cannot defeat. When Vegeta shows up, he too realizes that he cannot beat Janenba, so Goku convinces Vegeta to fuse with him (after much petulance and whining). Unfortunately, Vegeta screws up the fusion dance, which is amusing in and of itself, and they turn into fat Gogeta for 30 minutes. During this moment of weakness, Gogeta gets the living snot beaten out of him. When the transformation wears off, Pikehan buys Goku and Vegeta the time to fuse correctly. In this new form of Gogeta, Janemba is easily defeated and the rules of the afterworld return to normal and the generic happy ending ensues.

As the movie begins, we are presented with a flashback. In it, a young boy with elf like ears and a sword is fighting a gigantic monster. Despite his masterful sword handling skills however, the boy is defeated. Time jumps forward to a point somewhere around the 25th Budoukai. As Gohan and Videl sit in class, Gohan receives a message on his wristwatch informing him that his assistance is needed in order to save an old man who is contemplating suicide. After saving the old man, Gohan learns that the old man only attempted to jump off a building in order to get his attention. The old man produces a golden music box, which he tells them contains a legendary warrior who has been trapped for ages. After several attempts to open the box using Goku's shear strength and Bulma's technological expertise, the warriors collect the Dragonballs and summon Shenlon to release Tapion, the warrior who is trapped inside the box. The box shatters and Tapion is released, and Trunks and Goten marvel over the legendary warrior. After inquiring as to his surroundings, Tapion informs them that he must be returned to the box at once, or the Earth will surely be destroyed. Tapion walks off as the Z Warriors contemplate the events that just took place. The following day Hildegarn, a large monster, is reeking havoc on the city. Gohan tries unsuccessfully to defeat the monster with several very large Ki blasts. However, the monster does not subside until Tapion arrives, and plays a tune on his flute, which causes the monster to disappear in a puff of smoke. The following day, Bulma attempts to build a device that will contain the monster and Tapion as well as the music box did. Unfortunately, as Tapion sleeps inside the device that night, the monster escapes from within him, and reeks havoc on the city once again. After a long and drawn out battle with Hildegarn, Goku decides to use a technique that he has never used before. He goes SSj 3, powers up, leaps into the air, extends his fist, and shouts "Ryu Ken". Hildegarn explodes in a flash of light. After the battle, Tapion presents Trunks with his sword, saying he won't need it anymore, and flies off. Neither the monster, nor Tapion are ever heard from again.