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Who Said It What Their Saying
Vegeta Oh my, where are my manners. I completely forgot to say goodbye.
Goku Kaioken, uhhh
Vegeta Step on it boys, I think we've got company.
Vegeta & Nappa We're bad. Well a little
Nappa Nice knowing ya kid, there will always be a soft spot in the bottom of my boot for ya
Bulma Where do you think your going with my dragonball
Cell I will show you what true power is
Cell hahahahaha, now what will you do
Vegeta Ahhhh, maybe you won't be a disappointment in the next dimension
Frieza This is my moment of glory, don't spoil it for me
Gohan Ohhhh man, this just isn't my day
Gohan That guy bearly has a scratch on him, this time we're really done for
Gohan Stop it, let go, I said stop it
Gohan You won't get away with this
Capt Ginyu Gentlemen, you can't make it as a ginyu on brute strength alone
Goku Thats definatly no illusion technique, I couldn't sense his energy
Goku I'm gonna fight as long as my body holds out
Goku Your crazy if you think I'm gonna let you get your hands on my brain, forget about it
Goku His power is incredible
Goku Nimbusss
Gohan Hey, put my dad down right now
Gohan Hold on dad
Vegeta What's up, just a year ago he couldn't beat raditz, now he's making sport of nappa
Krillin Solar Flare
Krillin The fate of the entire planet is resting in my hands
Krillin Your the last person I though was gonna help
Goku His new form, seems familiar to me
Vegeta You should know better than to oppose Vegeta
Piccolo Now, you can't say that Piccolo never gave you anything
Raditz Alright get on with it green-bean head
Raditz Excuse me, has anyone seen my arm, you can't miss it, it's green
Vegeta Kakarot, dodge this attack if you can
Tien Well I'm not going to bow to those Saiyan jerks
Trunks No don't, I think I know what you have planned Goku, you don't have to do this
Vegeta I've become a super saiyan, your worst nightmare